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Our range consists of three classic British cheddar cheeses offered in different formats, such as: blocks, slices* and minis*. Whether it be the smoothness of Mature, the richness of Extra Mature, or the firmness of Vintage, each Cathedral City cheddar cheese will bring a distinctive British touch, turning your cheeseboard into something a little more special. And there are no flavourings or colourings added!

*only available in Mature English Cheddar



The smooth and mellow taste of our Mature cheddar cheese in a sliced format

Take a look at the video below for a virtual cheese tasting of our wonderful cheddar cheeses.

Our unique packaging

Cathedral City cheddar cheese’s packaging is different from many other cheddar cheeses which are typically shrink-wrapped. That’s because we believe a special cheese should have a special wrapper.

The innovative “pillow pack” is specially designed to be less tightly wrapped around the cheese but is still completely sealed and airtight. Our years of experience have taught us that this, together with the high barrier film and the seal integrity, help maintain the high quality of our cheddar cheese. The pack also has a “press to close” feature at the top, allowing easier reclosing of the wrapper and better conservation of the cheese (and there’s no need to use another plastic bag). The opening is designed to enable the cheese to be easily taken out of and put back into the pack.


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