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If you have any questions regarding Cathedral City cheddar cheese, many of the answers can be found below.

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Where can I buy Cathedral City Cheddar Cheese?

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Where is Cathedral City Cheddar Cheese made?

All of Cathedral City Cheddar Cheeses are made at the award-winning creamery in Davidstow, Cornwall, in the South West of England.

What ingredients are used to make Cathedral City Cheddar Cheese?

Cathedral City Cheddar Cheeses are made with 100% British milk - to which we add starter culture, microbial enzyme and salt.

Where does the milk used to make Cathedral City Cheddar Cheese come from?

All the milk used to make Cathedral City Cheddar Cheese comes from around 330 dedicated farms in the South West of England.

Is Cathedral City Cheddar Cheese made with pasteurized milk?

Yes, it is made with pasteurized milk.

Why are there white crystals on my cheese?

You might find your cheese has a coating of white crystals on it. You’ll be more likely to find this on our Extra Mature and Vintage cheddars. These crystals are called Calcium Lactate and are a natural part of the cheese maturation process. These naturally occurring crystals make our cheese even more flavoursome and crunchy!

Is your cheese suitable for vegetarians?

All the ingredients we use in our cheese are suitable for vegetarians so everyone can enjoy the delicious taste of Cathedral City.

Is Cathedral City Cheddar Cheese produced in a nut-free environment?

We are pleased to report that nuts (including peanuts) are not permitted within the processing areas of our production facility. Despite having a nut-free zone site, please read the labels when buying any products.

Is your cheese suitable for a Halal diet?

Yes, our cheese is suitable for a Halal diet.

Is Cathedral City Cheddar Cheese gluten free?

All the ingredients used to make Cathedral City Cheddar Cheese are gluten free which means it is naturally gluten free like all other unflavoured cheese.

Is Cathedral City Cheddar Cheese packaging recyclable?

The plastic film we currently use to wrap our cheese is made up of a number of different layers. This reduces the risk of contamination before opening and provides a longer shelf life, thereby helping to reduce food waste. Because of these layers, the packaging is not currently recyclable.

However, reducing our impact on the environment is one of our key priorities as a business and we are actively working to reduce the amount of packaging we use and to increase the proportion of recyclable packaging of our products. We are on a mission to make all our Cathedral City Cheddar Cheese packaging recyclable by 2022.

What is a Royal Warrant?
A Royal Warrant of Appointment is granted as a mark of recognition to people or companies who have regularly supplied goods or services to the Royal Household. The Monarch decides who may grant Royal Warrants. These are known as the Grantors. Today The King grants Royal Warrants. Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh were also grantors of Warrants. Our Royal Warrant, held by Dairy Crest Limited, trading as Saputo Dairy UK, was for the supply of dairy products, including Cathedral City, to the Household of The Late Her Majesty The Queen. To apply for a Royal Warrant, supply must be on-going and have been maintained for at least the preceding five years. Amongst other things, applicants are required to demonstrate that they have an appropriate environmental sustainability policy and action plan.